top 3 ways to make extra cash in college

Being a full-time student with a part-time job takes up most of my time during the week. When I’m not hustling from class to the office, or spending time with friends/family, I’m taking on other side gigs. These gigs can be temporary, freelance-type work, or something that requires more attention throughout the week.

Where do I find the time to do all of this? I have certain weeks that are slower than others—usually my workload slows down following a big exam week, or the few days after completing a big project at work. University holidays are another good time to spend working side gigs. The point is, making a little extra money shouldn’t be another responsibility to stress out about; rather, it should be seen as a fun hobby that happens to put some extra cash in your wallet.

Here are three ways I make extra money on the side, while also jugging a demanding college student schedule.

1. Tutoring.

While I can’t speak for every institution, my university has a number of tutoring programs that are constantly looking for help. Granted, some of these opportunities are volunteer-based, but many offer reasonable pay for tutors. They also work around your schedule, so depending on how many hours you’re available—and how many students are in need of your services—you can make a decent amount of money.

Another option in the teaching realm is online tutoring. I tutor for a website called InstaEDU, which is an online service through Chegg (the textbook company). The process is fairly simple. You send in an application, specify your areas of expertise, and InstaEDU will contact you if you meet the tutor requirements. From there, you can set your own schedule, find students who need your help, and tutor them through an online platform. The InstaEDU platform allows you to live video/audio chat, sketch things out on a virtual whiteboard, and much more.

2. Selling my closet.

I have a major shopping addiction. And a tiny closet in my apartment. Poshmark, a mobile app that lets you sell clothes to women across America with ease, has seriously been a godsend.


I started listing my old, gently-used clothes about a year ago (Fall 2014). Since then, I’ve made a LOT of money. I’ve made enough to become a top 10% seller on the app, as well as a top-rated seller. Learn all about the Poshmark experience below:


You can find my closet for sale here.

3. Freelance writing.

Writing, graphic design, and other creative skills are actually pretty rare in this world. If you can prove you’re a good writer that puts out awesome work, people will hire you for random jobs here and there—this is otherwise known as freelance journalism. Finding freelance work that pays well can be exhausting, so I don’t put much effort into it.

To start out, browse different opportunities at Make sure you have at least five related work samples and a bomb resume to show potential freelance employers.

How do you make extra cash on the side? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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