5 things you need to survive a library study binge

Like many college students, I’m no stranger to the long days that turn into nights at the library. My workload only seems to be growing with demanding classes, law school preparation, and internship responsibilities; finding myself at the library (or journalism building) for 15 hours straight is completely normal.

It’s not easy to stay in one place for hours at a time and maintain focus. Here are some materials you should pack on your next library binge that’ll help prevent you from finding excuses to leave early.

1. A prioritized to-do list

When you have a long list of responsibilities, it’s best to write it all down, then mark which tasks are most important. It’s easier to stay on track when you have something to guide you. I’ve found that without a concrete to-do list, I just sit there and stare at my computer, unsure of where to start.

Every morning, I identify my top 3-5 tasks that I absolutely must complete that day. This helps me focus on what’s most important, and if I don’t get to the rest of my to-do list, it’s not the end of the world.

Here’s a peek at my daily to-do list:

2. chargers for your phone/laptop/tablet/other device

A dying laptop is the perfect excuse to leave the library early… Don’t do it! Make sure you pack chargers for all your electronics, even if you don’t think it’ll run out of battery.

3. Water + Healthy snacks

Our brains can’t function properly without nutrients (and even more importantly, hydration)! Even if you’re not hungry, it’s never a good idea to skip a meal. Eat before you leave the library, take a study break and buy something on campus, or pack some healthy sustenance.

(Check out this list of healthy snacks for busy college students.)

I’m all about convenience when it comes to food. Some of my favorite on-the-go snacks are raw almonds, string cheese, protein bars, and trail mix.

4. appropriate clothes

Most people will associate sweatpants or other “comfy” clothes with long study sessions. I’m going to go against this mainstream way of thinking because I, personally, do not equate success with baggy sweatpants.

My mantra: DRESS WELL, TEST WELL! I know a lot of people disagree with me–which was confirmed when I wore this outfit to take the LSAT and felt super-duper overdressed.


I don’t necessarily get dressed up to hit the books, but I do work best when I feel put together. It all depends how you work best in a certain environment. If you work best in lounge wear, then by all means, wear it to the library.

5. Coffee. or, money to buy coffee.

I’m all about the caffeine, studying or not.

Learn more about my addiction here!

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